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Hanno Coetzee - (PA), Founder of Digital CFO™


Bachelor of Commerce –
BCom Financial Management (Hons)

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Hanno Coetzee is a highly accomplished and dynamic professional accountant, renowned for his expertise in financial management and strategic business consulting. As the visionary founder of Digital CFO™, he has revolutionized the financial services industry, offering businesses a digital accounting solution that empowers them with financial intelligence and strategic foresight. Beyond his professional pursuits, Hanno is an avid musician, a lover of adventure, and proud alumnus of Afrikaans Hoër Seunsskool (Affies) in Pretoria.

Early Life and Education:

Hanno Coetzee was born as one of a triplet in Pretoria, where he grew up surrounded by the beauty and diverse culture of South Africa. He developed an early affinity for numbers and finance, which eventually led him to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Financial Management with honors from the esteemed University of Pretoria.

Professional Journey and Entrepreneurship:

After completing his tertiary studies, Hanno’s career took off when he joined Logista in 2012, where he completed his SAIPA articles, solidifying his foundation as a professional accountant. In 2015, he earned his qualification as a Professional Accountant and assumed the role of Financial Controller at Publicis Africa Group, overseeing digital advertising agencies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2016, Hanno joined Swanepoel and Partners as a Senior Accounting Manager and registered Tax Practitioner. It was during this time that his keen eye for innovation identified a gap in the market for a packaged digital accounting solution tailored to businesses. Drawing on his entrepreneurial spirit, he embarked on a thrilling journey, founding his own venture, Digital CFO™, in 2017.

Musical Passion:

Outside the realm of finance, Hanno Coetzee’s heart beats to the rhythm of music. An accomplished guitarist, he finds solace and creative expression through his musical talents. Whether strumming the strings for his family or composing tunes during leisure time, music plays an essential role in enriching his life.

Adventurous Spirit:

In addition to his love for numbers and music, Hanno is an avid adventurer. With a thirst for exploration, he embraces the opportunity to travel throughout South Africa with his family, uncovering the hidden gems and diverse landscapes that his beloved country has to offer. These adventures not only create cherished memories but also serve as a source of inspiration and rejuvenation for his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Affies Alumni:

Having attended Afrikaans Hoër Seunsskool (Affies) in Pretoria, Hanno Coetzee cherishes the values and education instilled in him during his formative years. The strong foundation laid by his alma mater continues to shape his approach to life and business, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie as an Affies alumni.

Valuing Relationships and Being a People Person:

One of Hanno Coetzee’s defining qualities is his deep appreciation for the importance of relationships. He firmly believes that fostering strong connections, both in his personal and professional life, is paramount to success and personal fulfillment. As a people person by nature, Hanno thrives in social settings and cherishes every opportunity to engage with others.

In his professional capacity, Hanno goes beyond numbers and financial analysis to understand the people behind the businesses he serves. He builds genuine partnerships with his clients, taking the time to comprehend their unique needs, aspirations, and challenges. By forging these strong relationships, he can offer tailored financial advice and solutions that align with his clients’ long-term goals.

Likewise, within the Digital CFO™ team, Hanno promotes a culture of collaboration, respect, and camaraderie. He believes that a positive and supportive work environment not only enhances productivity but also brings out the best in every team member. Hanno’s empathetic leadership style fosters open communication and empowers his team to thrive both personally and professionally.

Beyond the boardroom and office, he values spending quality time with his family, bonding with old friends, and making new acquaintances during his travels, Hanno embraces every opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life.

His innate ability to understand and relate to others makes him a trusted confidant and a source of inspiration for those around him.

Hanno Coetzee’s genuine affinity for people, both in his personal and professional life, defines his approach to business and life. By fostering strong connections, Hanno extends his impact beyond mere transactions, making a positive difference in the lives of those he encounters. As he continues to lead Digital CFO™ and embark on exciting adventures, his focus on people and relationships remains at the heart of his success and fulfillment.

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