Want to save time & money?

Our Digital CFO™ outsourced Financial Department empowers you to effectively manage your business.


Frustrated with...

  • wanting to understand your finances, but not having enough time to do it?
  • unnecessary overheads?
  • too many financial systems that does not integrate well?

There's an improved way

  • to experience your time freed up and your financial understanding increased.  
  • to cut costs to help you see what you really need.
  • to manage your financial systems and make it easy to navigate.

We believe our outsourced Digital Financial Department is truly the #futureofaccounting for your business.

Official Digital CFO ™

So, how can Digital CFO™ help you lighten the load?

Our Services


Over and above month to month accounting services, we also deliver accounting support for any accounting related questions. Our aim is not to just tick the necessary boxes – we go further by empowering our clients to understand each process and the overall role it plays in the day to day running of business.


When it comes to efficient payroll management, we look beyond the process. We understand the important role that timely payments and processes have on overall staff happiness and peace of mind.


At Digital CFO ™ we consistently deliver streamlined bookkeeping services through a personalised service tailored to your business needs. It all boils down to business as usual – but done differently.

Debtors Collection & Creditors Control

Part of our core month-to-month accounting services involves managing your debtors and creditors books. Through this service, we facilitate your business debt management by acting as a debtor on behalf of your business, and managing the debtor collection period.


We make sure that all your tax deadlines are met, and that all information submitted is correct. We submit your VAT returns on time, and manage the monthly submission of PAYE returns as well as income tax registrations.

Business Management

We make sure that you know what’s going on in your business today, and help you to plan for your business’s future. We map your business game plan and assess your business’s monthly performance and annual financial statements. We ask the question: What do the numbers in your management statements mean?

Budgets & Forecasting

Effective business budget planning and financial forecasting go hand-in-hand when it comes to your business’s financial future. Not only will both of these techniques influence the future financial decisions you make, but you will also be weighing up how certain actions will impact your business.

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So, what can Digital CFO™ offer me?

Our Packages

Option 1


We offer a monthly retainer based service where we customise your package according to your business needs. Contact us for a free 15min consultation.

Option 2

Once off

Any ad-hoc services like Annual Financial Statements. SARS, VAT, UIF and CIPC registrations and submissions. BEE certificates.  Bills processing.

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